Technical problems solved with coffee

Technical problems solved

Last week we had a few technical problems on the site so we thought it might be a good idea to explain what happened.

Without going in to too much detail and boring you all to sleep, there was a glitch within the ‘sessions’ section of our database. The security software got a little too excited and stopped registered users from being able to log in to the site and place orders. Sometimes we have to remind our security app that we do want genuine customers, just not the bad ones! We think our software used to work in a shopping centre and still enjoys kicking school kids out for being too loud – you know the type, slow walking, piercing stare, arms held out wide giving it large…????

Coffee saves the day ☕️

technical-problemsOne of our regular users alerted us of the problem and we were able to complete the order over the phone. We got our technical bod on the case and after a few hits of strong coffee and some well placed head-scratching, we repaired the problem.

We’re in the process of testing coffee blends for our new espresso range so we have an abundance of freshly roasted coffee in the office just waiting to be tested! I know, it’s hard being surrounded by these temptations!

Discount code ????

If you were affected by the downtime and have orders to place, just let us know and we’ll award you with a discount code in return for your patience. We can’t say fairer than that.

One more thing – there are now almost 12,000 products listed in the shop so if you’re looking for a Robot Coupe spare part, we’re quite confident we’ll have it and if you can’t find your part or machine, give us a call and we’ll do our best to assist.

Thank you for your understanding! ????